Hello Everyone!

This is Jayna {:

I noticed the club was getting a tad dry.

Which i think is terrible!

Because it’s an awesome club!

So I was wandering if you had any suggestions?

Possibly on competitions?

Or I do not know,

that is why i need your suggestions!

Comment here or message me on stardoll.

My account is NHFREAK.



Since YouthWriters
is a writing club, I was hoping that people would start posting stories and things, but all we really get are poems. I really love poetry but sometimes a little change is good, you know? I started posting a story called Narcosis in the club. If you want to read it, please follow along and comment now and then so I know someone is reading. Feel free to post stories of your own, or to invite someone you know who likes to write stories. In other news, we are always on the lookout for new club members. I broadcast as much as I can but it would also be nice if you guys helped out too. Hmm, that’s pretty much it!

Forever and always,


Into the Mind of Me. 2

Knick knack patty whack

I’m rollin’ down the creative track.

I’ll paint a canvas in my mind

With only stone I left behind

From that great wall we built last year

With just that one word that I still hear

When letting out that desperate cry

Screaming truth when still you lie

These brushes stain with paint that drips

Liquid crystals from your lips




Creative brain juices.

I has em!



well it seems important to let you all know that i do visit the blog frequently.

i am not really sure what to write here. but just wanted to say hello :}


This is a part of a dream I had:


I am nothing in this place; neither human nor animal. I am free from definition. As crystalline visions elude my senses, here, I can find safety in my dreams. In the lucid flights of fancy I’d conjured in my mind, vivid arrays of colors dance at my finger tips. I can almost swear I’ve never seen colors this beautiful in my life. Auras of vitality unseen by the naked eye are fully visible in the perceptions of my mind. My body feels hollow. There is nothing inside of me. I close my eyes and hold my breath, but nothing happens. I wait for the panic of suffocation to set in. It never does. I press my fingers against my wrists and try to feel a pulse. My body is still. I give up and start walking across the ocean haze. Looking down at the silver sky, I am hypnotized by the luminescent gush of silver between my toes. The force of the ocean tide pushes the waves of silver over my feet. My toes vanish. I look up above me and reach. Higher, and higher, I am trying to find the ground I have lost. It is out of reach. I cannot control my flight, for I am simply floating.”


What? I don’t know.

Just know that Emily loves you all.

I am off my meds.

Wait, I don’t take meds.

Baby, your eyes are illegal narcotics.

Sell `em back to me.


They love you too.

Like hell they do.





Well, thought I’d leave a post. My first one :}

thanks for picking me as a manager.

i appreciate it  {;


Testers =]

This be a test! Do not be alarmed =F
J’adore le Poulet!